Sermon Illustrations

I never enter this time of remembrance without my mind being flooded with another “fallen soldier”. I cannot forget the heart-wrenching pain of His mother as she watched helplessly as her only Son was beaten to within a hairs-breath of being beaten to death. He waged a war of unsurpassed sacrifice. The battle was not rightfully His to fight but He did so because the exploited and weak had no power to defend them selves. When we put all the suffering and deaths of every war together, these cannot touch the weight, suffering and sacrifice of His war. His battle deserves its own recognition “lest we forget” and the world forgets. Too many have never even heard about it – or Him. Just as it is unconscionable to consider forgetting the sacrifice and death of soldier and civilian lives, it is even more so, a grave travesty and dishonor to His service and sacrifice, to forget. I am speaking of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.