Sermon Illustrations

A pastor told me his testimony one day when we both had some time to share. He told me that coming to Christ was absolutely wonderful. The weight of the world was lifted off his shoulders. The worry that had consumed him was gone. He was definitely a changed man on the inside.

He and his 4 other friends decided to go fishing like they always did on this particular weekend. He was riding up in the car and as was their custom they all had a beer in their hands except for the driver. They spent the day and were unsuccessful at fishing. They spent most of the time eating and drinking beer. On the way home the conversation drifted to him. He was very excited about the opportunity to tell them about his new found relationship in Jesus. He very boldly and with a sense of joy told them about Jesus and what He had done for him. His one friend said something that changed his life. He said, "I don’t see any difference in your life. You still act, talk, and drink just like us, so what’s the big deal?" He was crushed. He was changed in his heart but his actions didn’t depict the change.