Sermon Illustrations

No Atheist in Foxholes

The world has come along ways in a short time. They refuse to believe in anything evil yet our world grows more evil every day. Unfortunately your decision to believe in hell does not lower the temp. of hell one degree, brighten the darkness in the least not calm the calamity of those that are there. I heard a wise saying one time that there are no atheist in fox wholes. You see friend your idea of the realness of hell as you set in comfort in peace will not be the same as your vision of hell on your deathbed. There are no atheist in foxholes because there is something inside of you that knows the truth of eternity but it can not really surface to the top of your life until life is no more until the smothering cares of life mean nothing any more and let me assure you friend your trials your troubles and your fears will be trivial when you take your last breath.