Sermon Illustrations

I realize there are many pastors here this afternoon that are frustrated. How do I know? I hear your sermons.

Let me share something with you that not even my wife knows about.

Sometimes in the ministry I’m sure that as a pastor you feel that things come at you from all sides.

Well let me share with you what happened to me on the way here tihs morning. My wife had left with another pastors wife to attend a meeting this morning. As I was backing out I began to worry about my front bumper and the curb forgetting to pay attention to the back end, when I promptly hit a pole.

The sound was terrible. I just knew my bumper was hanging and my wife was going to hang me.

I got out fearing the worst, expecting to have a meeting with my insurance, be late for service. But as I walked around the van, I saw the pole and then the van. Yet all I saw was yellow paint on my tail ligt and samll dent. Nothing broken, nothing hanging, no reason to panic.

Why wasn’t there the damage that I expected? It was becsuae of whatthat section of the van was made up of - plastic.

Pastor, the sound may be terrible. You...

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