Sermon Illustrations

At secondary school children are now taught citizenship; how should we behave towards one another and towards the world we live in. What does it mean to be a good citizen? On Sunday 12 November three 13 year old boys knocked on the door of our house.

One of them said, “I’m really very sorry. I’ve just broken a small window at the Church with my football.” Another one said, “We thought it was best to come and tell you rather than just go home and pretend we didn’t do it.” The first lad said, “I’ll be happy to pay for the damage.” I later had a telephone conversation with the mother of the boy who kicked the ball and I told her she can be very proud of her son, because he did exactly as he had been taught. He did the right thing!

Titus is asked to remind the Church to do what they have been taught; (3: 1-2) to do the right things!