Sermon Illustrations

Many of us live our lives like MONOPOLY. You know how the game works. Players accumulate property, build houses and hotels, and then wait for the other players to land on their property so they have to pay up. Eventually you hope to bankrupt everyone else and have all the money and property. Truly, American Capitalism at its best!

1. Unfortunately, many of us end up like Pearl did the other day. She lost the game. Her cousin Amber had everything and Pearl was bankrupt. However, here is the good news! When the game was finished, the board was folded up, all the game pieces were put away, and the lid was put on the box. It was only game.

2. Owning expensive cars, an extravagant house, and living a “more-is-better” life will yield no more joy for eternity than winning at MONOPOLY. When your life is over, the game pieces are put away, and the lid is closed on your coffin. It won’t really matter who owned the railroads or Boardwalk. Earthly wealth doesn’t guarantee earthly happiness or heavenly treasure.