Sermon Illustrations

I’m a firm believer in leftovers. I hate waste, so I try to make sure that stuff in the container in the refrigerator gets used before it becomes an alternate life form. But sometimes it’s just not appropriate to serve up leftovers. They aren’t as classy as fixing a meal. They don’t communicate love quite as much. I have to confess to you that I find it easy to offer leftovers in places where I shouldn’t. Maybe you do this too. You get up, get ready, and off you go – to work, school, whatever demands your time for the day. And you spend yourself on things that each take certain amounts of energy – I like to call them “life resource units.” You get so only many each day, and you “spend” them. You may collect a few during the day too, but mostly, you spend them. Kid wakes up on the wrong side of bed and remembers that he has a test – 2 life resource units. Wife tells you you’re an OK guy – that’s a positive 2 life resource units. Dog gets out and runs down the street right before you leave home – 2 life resource units. Car reminds you that it’s needing some repairs soon – 1 life resource unit. Someone nearly runs into you as you drive – 2 life resource units. Project at work gets a new deadline, and you have to stay late – 3 life resource units. So, when the rest of the world has made its withdrawals, it comes time to be with the people who are supposed to be the most important in your life, and what do they get? Leftovers. And they can usually tell that’s what they’re having.