Sermon Illustrations

We had a lady in our church in San Antonio – Betty.

Betty is a woman in command. Betty is a woman that would get things done.She would call the downtown shelter every year and ask how many coats were needed. Yes it does get cold in San Antonio.

She would go to a local store. Find some very nice children’s winter coats and ask how much the were? $60 each. How much if I buy all 100 of them? $60 each.

Where’s the manager?

She would get the manger down to about $49 and then tell him who they were for – the needy, I don’t have enough money for all 100 at that price. So, you are saying that some little kids will not have a coat this year? Eventually she walked out with the coats Either at a ridiculous price, or for free.

Then Betty would go to the next store.At some stores she would show up at the coat department and the manager would just say,

how many coats do you need Betty, we’ll deliver them to the shelter.

then she would say, thank you, but I came in to buy gloves……

And get this. If she couldn’t get enough donations. She would quietly buy whatever was needed. No one ever knew – I had the inside scoop.

And let me tell you, sometimes it was a major purchase.

The people at the shelter had no idea how the coats got there

Or who paid for them…..every year they just appeared – hey look, new coats!

And that is how it should be. One little old lady...