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There was a man who was in desperate need – all he needed was a little cash and he could get by. So he decided to go from house to house to see if there were any odd jobs he could do. After being turned down by several home owners he came upon a house where an older woman answered the door. He gave his usual pitch and to his surprise the woman said yes should could use some help – it was perfect that he happened to stop by for the painter she hired had just then cancelled on her.

She told the man, I need my porch painted. Walk around to the back of the house and there you’ll see the porch, the paint and all the equipment needed. When your done, come back to the front door and I’ll pay you $500.

This was better than he expected. He walked around to the back and to his surprise and delight, everything he needed was there ready to go. He set to work taping and prepping, then fired up the paint sprayer and in no time was done.

The woman of the house was surprised that the man was so quick, but, she thought, maybe he had a lot of experience as a painter – so she counted him out the cash.

The man pocketed the cash, thanked the women and as he was leaving he hesitated and said, “By the way lady, you need to know, its not a Porsche that you have parked back there, it’s a Mercedes Benz.

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