Sermon Illustrations

Artificial aquarium salt.You know I used to deal with salt water aquariums as a business.Part of that required using artificial aquarium salt.It is reconstituted sea salt with specific requirements for marine fish. It is enhanced sea salt. Any old salt will not do.Even the sea salt you buy at the grocery store will not do.

I had to lug this stuff around from place to place, and it was messy.

The most corrosive stuff I have ever seen. If you don’t use gloves your hands will burn for a long time. Almost anything, it would spill on would be corroded, not just metal - Floors, carpet, shoes, plastics, clothing, watches . Nasty stuff. One time, I’m not sure how, it got on the car’s windshield wipers. These things just, like, melted.nKatie...well let’s just say was furious with me more than once because of this stuff.

Everything we see and touch will fade away, no matter how we try to pretend it won’t.