Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series
Sermon Illustrations

There was a little girl who grew up in a very poor farming family back in the 1930’s. They had but one old worn out cow, and they sold most of the milk and dairy products that they were able to generate from her to purchase the necessities of life. They would only retain a few little of the milk for their own consumption. They would water down the milk to stretch it as far as they could, and each evening the mother of the home would pour one quart of the watered down milk in a mason jar. On the jar would be lines drawn. They would pass the jar around the table with each one drinking down to the next line and passing the jar along to the next.

One day the little girl got very sick and was put into the hospital. They kept her overnight for observation. That evening a nurse brought in a big tray of food. On it was a tall glass filled with cold milk. The little girl asked the nurse, "Where are the lines?"

The nurse not understanding asked the girl what she meant, and the little lady went on to explain how they only could drink to the next line at home lest they not have enough for everyone to get a drink. With tears in her eyes the nurse looked back at the sickly little girl and said, "Honey, there are no lines. There are no limits. You just drink and drink and drink. Drink all you want, and if that runs out, there will be more where that came from!"

These are perilous days... difficult times... it seems sometimes as though we are running short, but we can still place the straw of our need in the reservoir of God’s grace and love and drink and drink. If we need more, there is plenty where that came from! He is the God of all grace!