Sermon Illustrations

I knew of a good-looking young boy who attended a Youth Camp. He was 14 years old, starting the High School life. During the camp, there was what they call Talent’s Night wherein the campers are to perform and show his/her talent. His leader asked him what his talent was? The boy doesn’t know how to sing, or dance or play a musical instrument. So he was tasked to carry the “bamboo” that the performers will use for the dance number. The young boy sat on his chair the whole night watching other campers perform. The program ended and the campers went back to their cabins and prepared to sleep. But the young boy can’t sleep. Something is bothering his mind. He was so sad because he didn’t participate in the program. So he went out the cabin and started to cry, he was disappointed about not being able to perform because he don’t know anything to perform. He came to God and said, “Lord, I am very sad because I wasn’t able to offer You a song or a dance or even play an instrument. I just don’t have the talent but Lord, what I have is this life, and this is what I am going to offer You. Would You use it for Your glory?”