3-Week Series: Double Blessing

Sermon Illustrations

I will never forget how the Holy Spirit worked in my life to teach me to depend upon Him for the revelation and illumination of truth to my life. It was in March of 2003 - I had spent a week in special study at Luther Rice Seminary in Atlanta, Georgia. I had been studying about how to live the life, the Exchanged Life of Jesus Christ in a course entitled "A Review of the Literature of Christ-Centered Counseling. At the end of the week, I asked a couple classmates about where I could learn more about this truth I had been introduced to during the week. One person said, “At our ministry, we’re having a seminar this weekend and we’ll put you up for the night and feed you for only $35 for the 9 hour “Grow in Grace” seminar.

Well, I called my wife from Atlanta and told her I was going to Eatonton, GA for the night and I would be home Saturday afternoon. I drove the hour plus trip and arrived for the seminar. We had food awaiting and after the meal sat down in seminar style at tables with a notebook, Bible and teacher. We went through one session with notes being taken – good information. The next teacher started the session and all of a sudden this thought came to the forefront of my mind, “Am I going to sit here all this weekend and just receive more information?” Then, another thought came to the forefront of my mind, “Bruce, If you don’t ask for my help to teach you, you’ll never get this truth.” I knew it was the Holy Spirit and right there in the middle of the lecture I prayed asking the Holy Spirit to help me understand what I was hearing. Immediately, as I prayed it was like my eyes were opened and I could receive the truth that was being taught.