Sermon Illustrations

A man rises to face his day like usual. This day, however, he has a doctor appointment. He’s had to work really hard to fit it into his busy schedule. He expected the dr. to be a long wait and to have to allow for that extra time. What he didn’t expect, though, was to hear that he might have a malignant tumor. What were the odds? The dr. couldn’t be sure. Tests were scheduled, a biopsy. It was going to be a couple weeks. Then, it would be another week before the results came back. Finally, the day came for the follow-up visit with the dr. No cancer! What a relief! No chemotherapy. No radiation. No surgery, even. So, does he go back to life just like before? No. He just had a brush with death. What used to look so important before doesn’t look as important now. Spending more time with the people he loves takes on a higher priority. He now has a tendency to change a conversation to something more important than the weather. He’s been given back his life when he feared it was over. He won’t go on living just like it never happened. Things have changed.