Sermon Illustrations

The past. Remember it? Some of you have less of it than others. Some of you can’t remember a lot of it because it was so long ago! Remember the past? Remember…

• When the only internet access was dial up?

• When phones all had cords?

• When diapers weren’t disposable?

• When keeping in touch meant mailing a letter?

• When there was no such thing as air-conditioning, and heat came from a wood stove?

• When going to high school might mean you had to leave home for a couple of years?

• When a disease would hit a community, and lots of people would die?

• When the bathroom was outside?

• When cataracts meant you were blind?

• When babies were born at home…on purpose?

• When there were whole areas of the country that people abandoned because there was no work?

• When your only vehicle was one-horse power, because that’s what it was?

Oh, life was simpler – in a lot of ways. You got seriously ill, you simply died. The country faced a depression, you simply did without lots of things. You wanted to get somewhere, you simply couldn’t. Not everything about the past is glorious and desirable.