Sermon Illustrations

Pastor Buchanan tells the story of a member of his church who’s name was Ken. Ken was going throw a very tough time in his life when he darkened the door of the church. You see Ken had AIDS. Since the day Ken had been found and rescued by Christ he faithfully attended services. Even after his illness started getting the better of him making him too weak to stand and deformed his body he continued to come. But people were afraid to be around Ken because of his disease. Then one day when Ken was too weak to even lift the hymnal to sing one of the ladies who had struggled mightily with how to approach Ken saw him and her heart ached for him. She went over to him tossed his arm around her shoulder and put her arm around his waist and picked him up so that he could join the rest of the congregation in singing the hymn. She had been afraid of catching Ken’s illness but she could no longer stand by

Moved by the plight of Ken this woman moved passed the boundary caused by her fears, reached out to her Christian brother, and gave him the support that he needed in order to join into the activities of their congregation.

Mark Buchanan "The Holy Wild"