Sermon Illustrations

Johnny Cash died in 2003 - that same year he had his last hit - The song’s Title was "Hurt" - It was a song from the heavy metal rock band nine inch nails.

In the song, the protagonist has already killed himself - and he is now reflecting on his life. After all his escapades, involving drugs, deceit, and his quest for fame and fortune, he realizes that he has gained ultimately nothing. "An Empire of dirt" And he speculates whether he would change if given another chance. The oldJohnny Cash was a hit with MTV, more so with those old rock stars.

In 1959 Johnny cash released an album "hymns of Johnny Cash"

This past fall one more song of Johnny Cash is having an interesting impact. The Song, "God’s Gonna Cut You Down" A stark song about repentance and sin. And the strange part is that the video has artists from all over our country, the famous and infamous in this video - How they cant run from God. He will eventually cut them down.