6-Week Series: Against All Odds

Sermon Illustrations

I remember a 13 year old boy standing in his mothers front room and looking out her window at the weather, it was late November or early December and watching it rain and snow, sleet and thinking what a gloomy day. Suddenly a green Plymouth Valiant slowly pulled up to the driveway and pulled in. Two men got out in uniform, Army, one was an officer you could tell by his ribbons and medals, and one was a Chaplin, he could tell by the cross on his collar. They walked slowly up to the door and rang the doorbell, the boy ran to tell his mother the army was there and when he did she turned white as a ghost and held on the counter. He asked what was wrong and she said to answer the door and let them in. As they entered they said they were from the war department and brought a message that Her son, the boys brother, was missing in action and was presumed dead. She wept and they tried to comfort her but to no avail. They left and she went and closed the front drapes for the first time ever and said I don’t want to see the sun. She keeps the drapes closed only her family opens them and she closes them later. That beloved is not a joyful message to hear.About 18 months later that same boy was standing in his yard and the same Plymouth Valiant came racing down the street and screeched into the driveway.

The two men got out and ran upto and into the house yelling for Mrs. Ots.

The boys mother. They were yelling Mrs. Ots your son Donald Jay Soulliere is alive and on his way home. My mother broke down and cried as well as I did. That beloved was a message of great JOY but not the message of God’s Joy His son Jesus