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1. The 1990 Kinsey Report states that around 50% of all married

people will commit adultery during their lifetime.

a. The number is usually about 5% higher among men.

b. Women are less likely to commit adultery but not by much.

2. Some other studies propose even higher numbers than the ones given

above claiming that the adultery rate is around 70%.

a. I find that number hard to believe.

b. I don’t think it is 70% and I find the 50% number a little hard

to swallow as well.

c. Whatever the number it is too high.

3. An article in a 1997 issue of Newsweek magazine noted that various

surveys suggest that as many as 30 percent of male Protestant

ministers have had sexual relationships with women other than

their wives.


4. The Journal of Pastoral Care in 1993 reported a survey of Southern Baptist pastors in which 14 percent acknowledged they had engaged

in "sexual behavior inappropriate to a minister."

5. A 1988 survey of nearly 1000 Protestant clergy by Leadership magazine found that 12 percent admitted to sexual intercourse outside of marriage. The researchers also interviewed nearly 1000 subscribers

to Christianity Today who were not pastors. Of those 1000 people, 23 percent had engaged...

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