Sermon Illustrations

When we have the opportunity to speak to another, to share with them how God makes a difference in our lives, to encourage them to prepare for the coming of God, will we get the message right? Or, will we talk only about the incidentals and not what is important?

On Sunday December 17, 1903, a young woman received a telegram from her two brothers who were vacationing in North Carolina. In the brief, cryptic style of many telegrams, the message read, "First sustained flight today fifty-nine seconds. Hope to be home by Christmas." In her excitement and joy, she rushed down to the local newspaper and gave the telegram to the editor. The next day in bold letters, the headline read, "Popular Local Bicycle Merchants To Be Home for Holiday."

We should probably allow that newspaper editor a certain degree of latitude for misunderstanding the message. After all, he was a good friend to Orville and Wilbur Wright, and no one had ever flown an airplane before, although many had tried. However, if he had only asked the sister a few questions, Dayton OH, would not have missed one of the most important events of the century.

When we take the opportunity to share with another person about what having a real and life-directing faith in Jesus Christ means to us, what will we say? When the moment comes when God is depending on our voice to prepare the way for another person to come closer to God, will our voice be heard and what will we say? Will we share what is really important or slide by with peripheral talk?