Sermon Illustrations

Story: “Our Father’s Home”

Two strangers, a small boy and an older man, were fishing from the banks of the Mississippi River.

As time passed they discovered that, although the fishing was rather poor, conversation was good.

And by the time the sun began to sink in the west they had talked of many things.

At dusk a large river boat was seen moving slowly in the distance.

When the boy saw the boat, he began to wave his arms that he might attract the attention of those on board.

The man watched for some time and then said: “Son, you’re foolish if you think that boat is going to stop for you. It’s on its way to some unknown place and it surely won’t stop for a small boy.”

But suddenly the boat began to slow down and then it moved toward the river bank.

To the man’s amazement, however, the boat came near enough to the shore that a gang-plank could be lowered.

The boy entered the boat and, turning to the new friend on shore, said: “I’m not foolish, mister. You see, my father is captain of this boat and we’re going to a new home up the river.”