Sermon Illustrations

When Jesus does not meet our expectations we end up going back to what is most important to us. For some of us it is sex. We stop being moral people or we leave our marriages to get as many sexual encounters as we can. Others it is like Judas it is money. God has failed so I will get as much money as I can. Micheal, was a young man in our church who married a beautiful women named Lydia she was blonde and a knock out. He wanted a son and she gave him daughters. Micheal had his own business and I got my first job in construction with him. When Micheal did not get what was important to him he reverted to wanting money and sex. He hit Lydia, he underpaid his workers and cheated those he worked for. He talked one women into taking off her copper eves and putting up aliumum ones at a time when copper was through the roof. He made more on the copper than he did on the job. She was elderly and he took advantage of that fact. He stilled went to church and he still looked the part but when Jesus did not do what he wanted him to do he reverted to his own personal adgenda.