3-Week Series: Double Blessing

Sermon Illustrations

“Liver is one of my least favorite foods. My problem is with the taste, or perhaps distaste. I grew up dreading those nights Mom fixed liver for dinner, encouraging us with, ‘It’s good for you.’ Those words meant nothing to me, and they certainly did nothing to make liver more palatable. I’ve tried smothering it with ketchup or gulping it down with a bite of something else, but the liver flavor always seemed stronger than everything else. Nothing has ever come close to helping me like it. I doubt that liver itself will ever be radically changed in substance to taste like steak or hamburger. So to actually enjoy eating it, only one option seems to remain. I suppose it’s conceivable that I could undergo a tounge transplant and be given the tongue of a liver-lover. My new set of taste buds could then rejoice in liver rather than merely enduring it. Liver would no longer be an ‘ought to’ but a ‘get to.’”

When we became believers, something similar happened to us. We were given a heart transplant that instilled a whole new set of God-given desires. God has seen to it that our new regenerate hearts will incessantly and instinctively yearn and long for God and His glory, His will and His words.

(This illustration came from Dwight Edwards book, "Revolution Within")