Sermon Illustrations


Remember when you first came to God compelled by the Holy Ghost you were found in sin and conceived by grace and mercy. Remember your first breath of the life everything look so much brighter and you had hope and faith in nothing else but in Christ. I remember the feeling of the great arms of God around me and the voice of truth whisper in my heart you can be anything you want to in Christ.

I remember my first steps in Christ. I fell so hard time and time again and He just kept picking me up over and over again until I could stand up for my self. We would walk together and talk together and I would ask him questions as we communed in the word and in prayer. I remember the hopes and dreams and the unwavering faith that if Christ said healing was possible then lets pray , if my Father in Heaven said I could say to this mountain be ye removed then I was willing to tackle the biggest mountain, but just as many children grow up to their teenage years they are to smart for old Mom and Dad so do many Christians grow up spiritually speaking until they are JUST TO BIG FOR THE KING OF GLORY AND THE ALMIGHTY GOD. Funny isn’t that we could stand before the all knowing God and say are you sure? God I don’t think it is going to happen just like you said it would. God why don’t we do this or this or this. Church I am telling you when you think you know better then God we you think you are wiser then the old preacher, when you don’t trust the word of God and prayer is not important any more than church you are just TO BIG FOR YOUR OWN GOOD.