Sermon Illustrations

Mavis Jackson lived in Anaheim California and she often walked past the Crystals Cathedral. She keep saying to herself that someday she was going to go to that church. Then one Sunday she decided that today was the day. She got all dressed up in her best clothes as her Midwestern upbringing dictated. Sat on the main floor and watch as over 3000 people came to worship and was amazed to see the 90 ft glass window or door or whatever it is slide open even inviting the birds to worship. She was in awe of the organ one of the largest in America and the choir and when it was all over she sat waiting to leave. She said to the young women next to her that she was so glad to have come today. Wasn’t’ it wonderful. The young women nodded.

Are you from here? Asked Mavis.

No I’m from the Midwest. Said the young women, adding I’m actually here on a mission. To find my birth mother.

There was a pause.

I know how you must feel. Said Mavis. A long time ago, I had to give up a little girl for adoption, I didn’t want too. But…

Another pause.

The young women looked deeply into Mavis eyes.

Do you know the birthday of your child.

Yes, said Mavis cautiously October 30th.

That’s my birthday gasped the young women.

They shared their stories...

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