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Neo-Paganism today (over a million in US/Canada). One example, Hellenic Neo-Paganism. This is from a UK Neo-pagan website:

What Gods Do You Worship?

Most of us worship at least the Twelve Olympians, in either Their Greek or Roman forms, as well as other divinities (e.g. Gaia, Persephone, Pan, the Nymphs). Some of us emphasize certain individual Deities over others, or the Goddesses over the Gods, etc. Some of us prefer to approach the Deities in Their Etruscan forms, or through the Minoan or other pre-Hellenic religions of the Mediterranean. Further, in the eclectic spirit of ancient Paganism, some of us include in our worship the Deities of other pantheons (Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Celtic, etc.). (source: