Sermon Illustrations

Are You a Good Showcase?

Gutav Dore, the famous artist, once lost his passport while traveling in Europe. When he came to the boundary post between two countries and was asked for his passport, he fumbled about and finally announced, "I have lost it, but it is all right. I’m Dore, the artist. Please let me go in." "Oh, no," said the officer. "We have plenty of people representing themselves as this or that great person! Here is a pencil and paper. Now, if you are Dore the artist, prove it by drawing me a picture." He took the pencil and drew some pictures of a scene in the immediate area. "Now I am perfectly sure you are Dore. No one else could draw like that!" said the officer as he allowed Dore to enter the country. So it is with us. People follow what we do on the stage of life. They look to see if our conduct squares with our...

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