Sermon Illustrations

(reported in the Sun Sentinel) Arthur Levon Davis Jr., age 56, died on Sept 27, 2004, two days after Hurricane Jeanne swept through South Florida. The man was repairing the roof of Dixie Shoes when he fell two stories. An experienced roofer, he failed to realize the danger while working on the weakened structure. His mother, Aletha Davis, said, “You’re in a different frame of mind after a hurricane.”

Reports the Sentinel, “That might be one reason why the mundane can be so deadly in the AFTERMATH OF A STORM—survivors are in a different frame of mind, glad to have survived yet unaware of the existing danger around them.

Furthermore, the Sentinel examined and categorized storm deaths reported by medical examiners across Florida in the past two years, confirming the well-known admonition from authorities, far more people die after a storm than during it.