Sermon Illustrations

"Do all the good you can", In other words, help thy neighbor.

I just got off the phone with our daughter in law to see how she’s feeling with the radiation treatments. She’s tired now and feels sore but her skin is not burned.

She told me about our grandson Patrick who is nine years old and what happened yesterday.

Because she is so physically exhausted by the radiation treatments she stopped into the grocery store to pick up two things and get back out to the car. In the meantime, Patrick noticed a lady in one of those carts a person can ride who was doing her shopping.

She had her basket full and she had her lap full so Patrick told his mother he was going to help her. She asked him not to since she was so tired but he went to get a regular grocery cart anyway.

He looked for and found the lady again and told her he was going to help her. He proceeded to take all the groceries out of her lap and put them into the cart and asked her if she needed anything else.

When she was finished he stood in line with her until she had paid her bill then went to her car with her to unload the groceries. When he got to the car her son who is in his thirties from the look of it was sitting in the front seat playing a video game! Patrick tapped on the window and said, “Hey, buddy, are you gonna help unload these groceries?” The stunned man got out and asked his mother where she found this kid. She told him she didn’t find him–that he had found her. He helped to unload the groceries and put them into the car all the while getting an earful from his mother.

When Patrick was finished she offered him money for what he did. Patrick refused the money because, as he told her, “We’re supposed to do all the good we can do.” Here is a child who gets his allowance from us because their expenses are so high and he is saying, “I don’t want the money because the Lord wants me to do all the good I can do.”