Sermon Illustrations

Bad Granny & Gramps.

I know grandparents who promised their grandchildren the same thing,

Finish high school and we will pay for your college;

And they could, they were very, very, well off.

The grandparents picked the potential schools for each of the three children;

Stanford, Berkley, Cal-Poly.

Every Christmas the grandchildren would receive a sweatshirt, a jersey, whatever

From the respective school with a note,

Stay in school.

When the time came for the oldest to graduate from high school,

She applied to the chosen college – easily gaining admission

And she asked the still, very well off grandparents for tuition….

The grandparents said…..

Well, I won’t offend you with what the grandparents said,

But the grandchildren are doing quite well,

Working and paying for their own college.

So much for hope based in people.

But what impresses me about these kids, is that they are not bitter about the whole thing.

Why? Well I’m sure its complicated but,

Each one is a very devoted Christian.

I believe that part of it is, what Peter’s talking about in our Scripture today,

A living hope.

If my college isn’t paid for – that’s not the end.

God is greater than a promise given that is only probable.

That only might happen – even if it was a promise to a grandchild.

God’s promise of hope - is a sure thing.