Sermon Illustrations

A 6 year girl in our church had the greatest insight.

While remodeling the back of there house, an old piano became the subject of conversation. Being an upright piano the kids had grown to like the looks of it. Because it had been in a room that was exposed to the differences of hot and cold weather for a year, it was no where close to being in tune. Some of the keys were messed up, and even some of the wood had begun to peel. It was in sad shape to say the least.

The whole family was standing on the back porch talking about what to do with this piano. After expressing how they need to just dispose of it. The 6 yr old said, “Let’s put it in my room.”

“No, we can’t do that. It’s all out of whack.”

The 6 yr. old simply replied, “Well, we can just go to the store and get some more whack.”

Wish it was that simple. Our lives would be easier to put back together, if Wal-Mart carried “Whack.”