Sermon Illustrations

Beware of human add ons; It’s like when you go to a store like Wal Mart or Makro and you buy loads of stuff and you think its really cheap till you go through the check out and you find out they havent added the VAT on until you ready to pay as you go through the check out.. There is a big add on at the end its your VAT.

Some people think that a particular denomination will save them! Many people believe being a Catholic, Protestant, Anglican, Methodist, Baptist etc if you are like that believing in your denomination you are as bad as these pharisees you need to see that its through Grace. No add ons!

Some people consider pilgrimages are important for salvation and that this will save them a muslim my go to Mecca, to some Shrine, a Christian my go to see the pope or Israel to see the Holy land.No add ons!

Some people think that a certain experience will save them mayber a vision of Angels a near death experience an amazing gift given etc.

Through Prayer and God gives me things. lighting candles on tragedies (princess Diana etc. ) No add ons!

Some people think family connections will save them.

We come from a family of Christians, my dad is the vicar , there is no add ons!

Some people think church ordinances will save...

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