Sermon Illustrations

Captain Jack’s Compass

In the movie, “The Pirates of the Caribbean,” Captain Jack Sparrow has a compass. It is no ordinary compass. Rather than pointing north, it points toward whatever the person holding it wants most. It might be treasure, or a person, or a location. But it only works if the person holding it knows what they want.

But Captain Jack, self-centered as he is, doesn’t really know what he wants and so the compass doesn’t always work for him. In the second ‘Pirates’ movie, when he is trying to find the chest containing the still-beating heart of Davy Jones (giving new meaning to “where your treasure is, there your heart will be”) Jack can’t get a heading from his compass. So he convinces Elizabeth that finding the chest will reunite her with her true love. And because her heart is more certain at that moment than his, they get their heading and continue their journey.

What is Your Treasure?

If you were holding Captain Jack’s compass, where would the needle point? What is the thing that you want most – more than anything in all the...

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