Sermon Illustrations

You see, were a lot like the carnival bear. There was this bear out in the street in a carnival, it was doing tricks and flipping around. The owner had this tambourine and he would play it and make music and this bear would roll and flip and do all kinds of tricks. They would bring entertainment to all the people that would gather around to watch. Then he would turn the tambourine into a collection plate and pass it around so that everyone could give to the circus bear. One day, while this was happening, out of the crowd burst this furious dog and it began to bark and the bear jumped back in great fear, shaking all over, afraid that the dog was going to attack it.

Now that is highly surprising to me, and it should be to you. Because a bear can slap the head off a dog with one good swoop, that’s all it would take to stop the dog.

But you see the bear had been used to being entertained and the bear had become used to entertaining. It had a mussel over its mouth and it had been declawed.

Even though it was greater than the dog. The dog had intimidated it. Because the bear never understood that it was more than just a circus animal.

Some of us Christians need to know and be reminded that we are more than show Christians.