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“A Roman Catholic priest […] was making his way down [an] alley to his parked car, [when] a man suddenly emerged from the shadows, thrusting the muzzle of a revolver into his ribs demanding, ‘Hand me your wallet!’

Offering no word of protest, the priest immediately began to comply. As he reached into his inside pocket, his clerical collar became evident in the dim light, catching the robber off guard. ‘Are you a priest?’ he exclaimed. ‘Yes, I am,’ the priest replied. ‘Oh, I don’t rob priests,’ the thief responded, ‘I’m Catholic, too.’

Greatly relieved, the priest withdrew a cigar from his inside pocket and offered it to the penitent thief. ‘Oh, no! I can’t do that,’ the thief exclaimed, ‘I’ve given them up for Lent.’...

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