Sermon Illustrations

Many years ago, the British sailing ship, Royal Charter, after a voyage around the world, was approaching its home port of Liverpool. At that time, Dr. William M. Taylor was a pastor in that city, and the wife of the first mate was a member of his

church. Crowds of people waited throughout the night to welcome the men who had navigated the vessel through many hazards.

However, the ship sank during the night, and a devastated nation mourned its loss. When news of the tragedy was confirmed, Dr. Taylor was asked to break the news to the family of the first mate. As he laid his finger upon the bell, the door was suddenly opened by a small girl who excitedly exclaimed: "Oh,

Dr. Taylor, I thought it was my papa; he is coming home today." The preacher felt he was like an executioner entering the home. The table was set for breakfast, and the lady of the house stepped forward to say: "Dr. Taylor, this is indeed a privilege. If you will wait a little while, perhaps you will sit at our table with us. My husband was on the Royal...

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