Sermon Illustrations

There’s a story of a man who carried a small can of oil with him wherever he went. He wanted to go through life lubricating all the hard places and make it easier for those who came behind him. Whenever he came a cross a squeaky door, he poured some oil on the hinges. Whenever he came across a gate that was hard to open, he’d oil the latch. Whenever something was hard to crank, he’d squeeze some oil on the shafts. Lots of people thought it was very odd for him to do so and they made fun of him. They called him crazy, nuts, weird, strange, and silly. But the man went steadily on, refilling his can of oil whenever it got low so he could keep on oiling all the hard places that he came across. The great thing about him is that he didn’t wait to find a hard place and then go get his can of oil for he always had his can with him so he could oil it immediately. You and I could learn a great lesson from this man.