Sermon Illustrations

A young man went out to buy his first car. He didn’t have a lot of money to spend so he went to a local used-car lot where he found a 1967 Red Mustang in what appeared to be mint condition. He was told by the salesman that the car had been owned by a little old lady from Pasadena, oops, I’m sorry, it was owned by an elderly woman who only drove the car on Sundays to church. Having fallen in love with the car he bought in on the spot. The next day while out driving smoke began billowing out from under the hood and the temperature gage spiked into the red. He had the car towed to a local garage where he was told that it had some major engine problems and would cost almost a thousand dollars to be fixed. When he called the salesman at the used-car lot he was told that all sales were final. Standing there with phone in hand all the young man could think of was a ditty of advice his mother used to tell him. “When the world gives you lemons Tommy, turn them into lemonade.” The young man then realized that he was now the proud owner of a life-time supply of lemonade.