Sermon Illustrations

There’s a secular group in Britain called “Join Me” that came up with a novel approach toward helping people, called “Good Fridays.” Each Friday they to take to the streets and carry out Random Acts of Kindness for the benefit of strangers. As the founder writes, “They took to their task with determination and gusto. All over the country, little things were happening... little moments of joy in towns and cities across the land. Little events that were brightening up people’s lives, even if it was only for a few seconds. … Shopping was being carried. Cups of tea paid for. Boxes of chocolates handed out in the streets. Flowers deposited at old people’s homes. Cakes left on doorsteps. Sure, none of these events was world-changing, but they were... well... life-affirming, somehow.”

It’s rather ironic that this non-religious, purely secular group has chosen to behave more like Jesus did than most Christian groups do.