Sermon Illustrations

In 1987, I was called as a paramedic to a child hit by a car. As it turned out, it was one of my elders’ sons, Michael, who was only 5 years old. He was in critical condition with head injuries and needed to be transferred to a trauma center as soon as possible. I was still fairly new in my faith and I wondered how my elder would respond to this horrible crisis. I will never forget how he came into the ER as we prepared to transfer Michael. He held his hand and simply said, "He’s in your hands, Lord. Your will be done." I, on the other hand, wasn’t so ready to let God off the hook. In fact, while accompanying him to the other hospital I fought with God. "How could you do this to this godly family?" "This isn’t fair. He’s just a little boy." I begged God to heal him but to no avail. As we waited in the trauma center’s ER, Michael’s family huddled together in the Quiet Room. The inevitable happened and the doctor came to tell us that Michael had died. Then another incredible thing happened - Michael’s family began telling the doctor and the staff about Jesus and His love for them! Their son had just died and they were taking the opportunity to preach Christ! I still didn’t get it. At the funeral, I still was blaming God. I was angry and hurt until I heard person after person stand up and share how much little Michael loved the Lord. Even his kindergarten classmates stood and told how Michael had told them about Jesus and how he led them to Christ! When the invitation was later given, many people found new life that day - all because Michael died. That did it for me. Never again will I question God’s hand. Never again will I blame Him or be angry. Thru this tragedy, many people came to Christ. We may never understand at the time why things happen, but we can always be assured that God knows what He’s doing.

God can work all things out for good, if we recognize the opportunities and let Him be God.