Sermon Illustrations

I love working in my yard. In fact my neighbors think that I take yard work all too seriously.

I’ll cut my grass and make sure that it is cut in a certain pattern. I make sure that my lines are straight from the lawnmower wheels and my flowers have to be just right.

But one day disaster struct. While inspecting my yard I saw some weeds, so I hurried into the garage and grabbed my can of Weed-Be-Gone and I mixed it as directed and started to spray it on the lawn. Ignoring the fact that the directions says "Do not use on a windy day, because it could harm plants and flowers." But I sprayed the lawn regardless trying to be ever so careful not to overspray. As time would allow, I noticed the weeds going away, but I also noticed my freshly planted perennial plants dying. I took them back to the nursery and they wanted samples of the dirt for testing. And when they got the results back, they asked me had I sprayed for weeds before I noticed the change. And I told them yes, and they kindly informed me that what I used did not kill the plants they were just in a comma. So they gave me some new plants and instructed me not to dig the old ones up because they we rise again.

That is the way a person who dies in the Lord is. Althougth we might appear to be dead on this side, we are really not, because it has been promised by our Savior that we will rise again.