Sermon Illustrations

(If available, use the clip illustrated here)

In the movie City Slickers, Mitch (Billy Crystal) is on a Baby Boomer cattle drive in search of the real meaning of life. In one scene he is out riding with the gritty trail boss, Curly (Jack Palance). Curly realizes why Mitch is on the trip and confronts him with it. When Mitch asks what the meaning of life is, Curly holds up one finger and says "This". Mitch asks what that means. Curly told him, that it is one thing. With great anxiety of finally finding out what "The One Thing" is, Mitch askes what is the "One Thing." Curly’s reply - "That’s for you to figure out." Deep theology there. Curly was the unlikely angel that leads Mitch, to look for the “One Thing” in his life that’s missing.