Sermon Illustrations

“How do you expect me to believe in God,” asked Woody Allen, “when only last week I got my tongue caught in the roller of my electric typewriter?” There are many people like Woody Allen who focus on the annoyances of life rather than wonderful things of life. It always seems that the troubles of life define their view of the world, rather than the great blessings of life. If the present isn’t bad enough, the future is sure to be full of trouble or bring some fresh disaster. In an interview for the Boston Globe, Woody Allen confessed: “It’s hard for me to enjoy anything because I’m aware how transient things are… Yes, there are times when you think, ‘My God, life is sweet, it’s nice,’ and thoughts of mortality are in abeyance. You know, watching the Marx Brothers or a Knicks game or listening to great jazz, you get a great feeling of ecstasy... But then it passes, and the dark reality of life starts to creep back in.”