Sermon Illustrations

Life Examples: Jesus: Example or Sacrifice (Mt. 26:39)

Some believe that Jesus came to show us how to live a good life-and to be sure, He is our example of righteousness. We are to become like Him. But that isn’t the reason Jesus came. Jesus came to die, to become the sacrificial, substitutionary, all-sufficient atonement for our sins.

If Jesus didn’t come to die, there is no purpose in the cross or the Resurrection The New Testament consistently confronts us with this message: Christ died for us. Jesus came so that you and I might transfer our guilt to Him and accept by faith that as the guiltless One, He has received our sin and taken it to Himself.

If you are looking for forgiveness on the basis of your pleas, promises, and performance, then you will remain in your sins. Only if you accept His sacrifice will you open yourself to receiving the fullness of God’s life-giving Spirit.

-The Charles F. Stanley Life Principles Bible