Sermon Illustrations

We live in a world that is looking for peace. Most of us are more familiar with tension, stress and anxiety than peace. Lack of peace is the result of our complex, accelerated and stressed-out world. If you can complete these sentences with the appropriate word, you need to learn what resources are offered you by the “God of Peace.”

…I am ready to throw in the… (towel).

…I am at the end of my…(rope).

…I am just a bundle of…(nerves).

…I am at my wits…(end).

…I feel like resigning from the human…(race).

…I am in over my…(head).

How did you do? If you answered “towel,” “rope,” “nerves,” “end,” “race” and “head,” give yourself an “A.” And take a vacation. Most of us have used these phrases at one time or another in our hurried lives (4). Never forget that peace is an “inside job.”

(4) Rick Warren, The Power to Change Your Life, The Encouraging Word, 1990, pg. 53.