3-Week Series: Double Blessing

Sermon Illustrations

Ravi Zacharias tells of visiting a used bookstore. While he was there, wistfully searching through the classics, suddenly a man burst in and demanded in a loud voice, "How much for 128 feet of books?" The owner, having never sold scholarship by the foot, didn’t know exactly how to reply.

The roughshod buyer explained that he was a carpenter and that he had been hired by the president of a trade union. The president was going to host a number of well-educated management people, and he wanted to appear as a literary heavyweight.

So he had hired this man to build bookcases and fill them with impressive looking volumes. The unionist hoped to intimidate the management types with his collection of unread books.

That is pretty absurd, yet how many folks carry around an unread Bible, put one on the coffee table, or beside the bed without knowing what is inside?