6-Week Series: Against All Odds

Sermon Illustrations

After the First World War, the Prince of Wales was invited to visit a military hospital in which there were 36 injured soldiers. He willingly accepted.

In the first ward he visited, he went from bed to bed thanking each soldier for his sacrifices for Great Britain and the Empire.

As he left the ward he said to the official in charge, "You told me that there were thirty-six soldiers here, but I counted only twenty-nine. Where are the other seven?" The official replied that the others were in very bad condition, and they would never be able to leave the hospital due to their terrible wounds. "It would be better to leave them alone."

Undaunted, the Prince found the door and entered the ward and proceeded to do as he did in the previous ward. As he left the ward, he counted the number of soldiers; there were six. Outside the ward the Prince tackled the official again. "Where is the missing soldier?" "Ah, Your Majesty, that soldier is in a little dark room by himself. He is blind, dumb, deaf, and completely paralyzed by the injuries he suffered. He awaits release by death."

The Prince of Wales quietly opened the door and entered the darkened room. He gazed with full heart upon the poor creature lying helpless upon his bed. It was impossible to tell him of his sympathy, of his gratitude, for he was deaf. He was unable to shake his hand... the man was paralyzed! He was unable to show him how he felt for the man was blind.

In seeking some way to express himself, the Prince went over slowly to the bed, stooped over the wounded soldier, and kissed him on the...

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