Sermon Illustrations

Illustration: Missionaries teaching Indians of Gospel of Peace. No word for peace. Finally concluded with a heart that sets down.

Parallel: Some have know answer or word for what they are feeling only they feel the loss inside them and in their life. Many times we try to feel the void, only making the equation that much more difficult. Answer is the heart that sets down. If I tried to set down in mid air here would be the comparison. Weight of my body and the gravity below me is the weight of life and the troubles that overwhelm us, the muscles in my legs is the might of my own works and ideas, they hold me up for quite a while but soon it all works together to bring me to my fall. This chair represents Christ when I set on it there is a calmness and a stillness that only comes by him bearing my burdens. Sometimes God waits until we are almost to the floor before he send salvation in to catch us.