Sermon Illustrations

"I am your shield" Genesis 15:8-16

This was exactly what Abram needed to hear. He KNEW what a Shield was. Remember that Abram had just returned from battle. He probably owed his own life to the strength of his Shield.

The shield is what absorbs the shock of the spear and sword. It repels even flaming arrows. Abram understood this better than we do … but we use all kinds of Shields in our lives today:

• You probably have a Shield on your computer that protects your hard drive from computer viruses that could contaminate it. On my computer the symbol for the virus protection is in the shape of a Shield.

• Antibacterial soap and cleaning products act as a Shield against germs.

• Sunscreen is a Shield against harmful ultraviolet rays.

• The bulletproof vest worn by law enforcement is a type of Shield

Imagine yourself as a Soldier about to go into battle. You know you may face machine guns and rocket-fire and bombs. Considering the kind of weapons Soldiers face today, God might say, "I am your armored HumVee and your Kevlar vest."

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