Sermon Illustrations

I have some Christian friends who were convinced about 2 years ago that God was asking them to buy their local pub and to continue to run it as a pub with food and alcohol being served. (At this point those of you who are anti alcohol – for whatever reason - may already be feeling sceptical, but bear with me!) They have now sold their house and invested everything in running the pub. They have faced some big challenges and many highs and lows, but with the blessing of the local Bishop there is worship happening in the pub before it opens for business on a Sunday. Around 40 people gather for worship there every week. There has been a baptism in the pub and people have come to faith in Jesus as a result of the work and witness of the Christian community in that place. Although my friends at the outset were initially nervous and at times unsure they became convinced that God was asking them to buy the pub; and so they bought it. They responded to God’s leading!